22 December 2017

10 Most Popular Tang Dynasty Poems in Hong Kong, Top 5 香港最受歡迎十首唐詩之前五名

On 12 November 2017, I posted here "10 Most Popular Tang Dynasty Poems in Hong Kong, Second 5" (link), being my rendition of poems #6 to #10 on that list of 10.  To complete the list, I am giving you today my rendition of the top 5 poems.  Again, for my notes, please go to the links attached to the respective poems. 

FIFTH <#5> 第五名:樂游原    作者:李商隱

      Li Shangyin (813-858): Ascending the Pleasurable Plateau

      It’s late in the day, my heart’s not well at ease;

      To the ancient plateau, up, in a carriage I go.
      Sublime is the time while the sun is yet to set;
      Too soon, alas, is dusky darkness to follow.


FOURTH <#4> 第四名:登鸛雀樓    作者:王之渙

      Wang Zhihuan (688-742): Ascending the Stork Tower

      Over the mountains, the white sun daily sets,   
      And into the ocean, the Yellow River flows.
      Wishing to eye---the view of a thousand miles,   
      A floor, a floor more: up the stairs one goes.

這首詩將普通的登高望遠寫出了豪邁的氣勢,全是不僅形式優美,其中蘊含的進取精神更是讓後人動容。沈德唐詩別》中選錄這首詩時曾指出:四語皆對,讀來不嫌其排,骨高故也。” 有人將這首詩評為五絕之首。

THIRD <#3> 第三名:靜夜思    作者:李白

       Li Bai (701-762): Night Thoughts

       Before my bed, the moon shines bright;

       Be it frost aground? I suppose it might.
       I lift my head, the moon to behold, then
       Lower it, musing: I'm homesick tonight.


SECOND <#2> 第二名:清明    作者: 杜牧

       Du Mu (803-852): Qingming, Early April

‘Tis Qingming, early April, a season of mizzles and gloom
       Away from home, a wayfarer, faring into gloom and doom.
       O where can be found a tavern, my good lad, if I may ask? 
       There! points the herd-boy to a village where apricots bloom. 


FIRST <#1> 第一名:遊子吟    作者:孟郊
       Meng Jiao (751-814): Song of the Travelling Son - Written at Liyang on Mother's Arrival 

       Sewing-thread in hand, the loving mother;
       Clothes for the son to wear, her travelling son.
       On and on she sews, his leaving now nears;
       Stitch on stitch, she fears -- a delayed reunion.
       How shall my heart of a mere grass seedling, ever
       Repay the embracing rays of her ever spring sun!



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Ray Heaton said...

Thanks, Andrew, for this and the previous #10 to #6 list!

I have copied the list of the top ten poets (well nine really, as Li Bai gets two appearances) to my Facebook group, along with a link back here.

I'm a little surprised that Wang Wei doesn't make the top 10!

#10 He Zhizhang
#9 Li Bai
#8 Li Shen
#7 Bai Juyi
#6 Meng Haoran
#5 Li Shangyin
#4 Wang Zhihuan
#3 Li Bai
#2 Du Mu
#1 Meng Jiao