31 July 2018

Wang Fanzhi: 2 Untitled 4-Character Quatrains王梵志: 無題四言絕句 2首

Today, I am re-posting 2 of Wang Fanzhi's 4 untitled 4-character quatrains.  These are so beautiful and so different in style to Wang's other poems that they may well have been attributed to him.  I have no wish to venture into any such research.  I will simply indulge myself in his tranquil, unworldly state of mind and state of being. Here are the 2 poems:-

A:  Wang Fanzhi (592? - 670?): Untitled 4-Character Quatrain, 2 of 4 (Worldly matters, we worry, weary)

Worldly matters, we worry, weary;
Up in the mountains, we’d better be.
Green pines for shade, to filter the sun;
Blue streams, as ever, flow free and easy.

Translated by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa)    譯者黃宏發
16th April 2015 (revised 17.4.15; 18.4.15)

Translated from the original – 

王梵志無題四言絕句 4 其2 (世事悠悠)


B:  Wang Fanzhi (592?-670?): Untitled Four-Character Quatrain, 3 of 4 (The mountain clouds, by night, my curtain)

The mountain clouds, by night, my curtain, 
Hooked to the crescent moon, a-spread.
 I lie, I sleep 'neath vines and climbers,
With a slab of stone to pillow my head.

Translated by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa)
18 April 2015 (revised 30.11.15)

Translated from the original – 

王梵志無題四言絕句 4 其3 (山雲當幕)


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